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Digital Mammography Department (CR)

Digital Mammography Crete Rethymno

A Digital Mammography Department operates at the Bioscan Imaging Lab, equipped with a Siemens mammography device, offering high-resolution mammographies with low radiation dose rate that cover a larger imaging surface, extending to the edges of the breast.

Aim of a mammography

The mammography examines and detects breast cancer at a subclinical stage, i.e. before evident clinical lesions (palpable nodule, nipple discharge, etc.) occur. Early diagnosis, as in most medical cases, involves a higher recovery rate, less hassles for the patient and shorter recovery time.

Currently, the mammography is the key tool for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer early. After the age of 40, every woman must start undergoing mammographies. For a more comprehensive breast exam, women should undergo a breast ultrasound along with the mammography.

The mammographies are performed at the Bioscan lab on 31 Dimitraki Street.

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