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Panoramic X-Ray Department

Panoramic X-Ray Rethymno

The Panoramic X-ray Department is equipped with a modern digital panoramic X-ray device, for panoramic examination of teeth (in adults and children).

Panoramic imaging of the teeth is a powerful diagnostic tool to evaluate the oral anatomy of a patient (wisdom teeth, temporomandibular joint, jaw bones), while it also reveals the history of previous dental work, such as fillings and root canals.

During the panoramic exam, the dentist detects:

The panoramic X-ray is performed with the help of a panoramic X-ray device. It is a short (lasting just a few minutes) and painless exam. During the X-ray, the patient remains standing, while their head is stabilised with a head support. The device then starts rotating around the patient’s head, scanning the area of the upper and lower jaw. After the exam, patients may return to their normal activities.

The panoramic X-rays are performed at the Bioscan lab on 31 Dimitraki Street.

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